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Community for Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), DevOps, Cloud Native, GNU/Linux and more 🌎

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To create a community, connections, and materials that facilitate the dissemination, deepening, and innovation, based on open source, community and avant-garde development, from a Cloud Native approach with GNU/Linux roots.

Principles and Concepts

We understand that our realities and contexts have "shortcomings or disadvantages" that are in turn an accelerator to "think outside the box" and allow us to create individual, organizational, business and social improvements.
Some of these opportunities are gender equity, economic development, equal opportunities and in a general sense, understanding that we are in a framework of climate change and growing uncertainties, with the paradox of having at the same time the best conditions and technology known in history.

We want to be in the future through the present and for this we are called to share learnings and rediscover ourselves in community creativity.

Want to join?

You can write to the emails below, participate in our Discord (Links above) or you can Open a discussion on Github.

Who are we?

Name Username Email
NicolΓ‘s Georger @ngeorger [email protected]
Diego Mondini @mondiniit [email protected]
Rudy Pinochet @rudy500 -


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Rodrigo Estrada SREDEVOps [email protected]

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